We would like to congratulate an impressive 56 members of staff who have maintained a 100% attendance record throughout 2018!

They are: Mike Emery, Simon Finlan, Sharon McManus, Amy Carter, Chris Fice, Richard Greaves, Roxanne Marshall, Jamie McElroy, Stephen Netting, Ann Nicholson, Claire Noble, Dean Price, Andy Robinson, Darren Salt, David Seaborne, Ivan Seeley, Ian Smith, Dawn Turner, David Allen, Ross Burnett, Kate Emery, Alice Gilgrist, Paul Holyoake, Stephen Horsey, Jennie Musk, Jon Parsons, James Perrins, Lee Phillips, Jake Piercy, Martyn Sharland, Sam Speed, Malcolm Walters, Jamie Watts, David Welch, Jack Baylis, Keri Brisley, Adam Dabbs, Ross Doney, Jane Hallin, Gary Jago, Claire Matthews, Jake O’Connell, Russell Padwick, Phil Palmer, Lee Parsons, Robin Petford, Steve Samuels, Beth Turner, Peter Baker, Sarah Beauchamp, Joanna Hutchings, Garry Matthews, Tom McLean, George Tawn, Mike Widger and David Wright.

These people will receive an additional holiday day to take during 2019 to say thank you for the commitment that you have all shown to the company!

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