All this cold winter weather can cause our roads to deteriorate and create hazardous potholes which in turn can cause untold damage to you cars wheels, tyres, suspension and more. We simply want to show you that we care and that you are important to us.

Britain currently has some 12,000 miles of potholes awaitiing repair, that equates to more that 30,000 potholes causing miles of misery for motorists. Damage caused by potholes is varied and over half a million insurance claims are filed every year caused by pothole damge. 

Not all pothole damage is imediately noticable, however our check is designed to make you aware of any such problems. Our Pot Hole Safety Check will take approxiamately 30 minutes to complete and 30 minutes spent at our service centre playing t safe is better than spending 30 minutes (or more sitting) at the side of the road with a puncture!

Call us today on 01752 349850 to book your Free Pot Hole Damage Safety Check and let us put your mind at rest. 

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