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Drive A Better Future

With the arrival of our first net-carbon neutral cars, Murry Group believes that now is the time for us to take our first steps towards offsetting the carbon dioxide that we create personally and what is generated by the cars that we sell.

To start our road towards a greener future, we will plant a tree in a UK based reforestation program for every car that you buy from us in 2021!

Every tree planted takes around 1 tonne of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere during an average lifetime – annually our fantastic customers buy around 3,500 cars from our businesses, meaning we’ll be starting the process to offset in the region of 3,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2021 alone.

Having collected your new car, you’ll be presented with a unique number and you’ll be able to view photos, locate your tree and find out what species has been planted on your behalf. You will even be able to visit your tree if it’s planted in a public space!

We appreciate that this is only the beginning of what is required to generate meaningful change for our beautiful environment but we are proud to be starting to make a difference today.